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SunnyGold, a processed product from PT Malindo Food Delight, comes with 3 new flavors in 2021, namely Red Ginger Karage, Vegetable Nuggets and Spicy Chicken Nuggets. These three new flavors from SunnyGold are creations and innovations from the R&D team of PT Malindo Food Delight which creates new variants to keep up with current market developments and trends.

This was conveyed by the Director of PT Malindo Food Delight, Ir. Rewin Hanrahan in Jakarta (29/1). “We are producing these three new flavors of SunnyGold, of course for several reasons. Like Red Ginger Karage, the specialties and properties of red ginger are well known to the people of Indonesia, so we have made it a new variant of SunnyGold karage. Red ginger is known to increase endurance and anti-oxidants. In the current situation, the choice of food or side dishes with a mixture of red ginger will be special, the nutrition can also be fulfilled and the red ginger benefits, “said Rewin.

Likewise with the Vegetable Nuget, added Rewin. Contains 3 types of vegetables, namely carrots, beans and corn, perfect for fulfilling family nutrition, where there is protein from chicken meat and vitamins from vegetables. Vegetable Nuget will be a choice of mothers for their sons and daughters who have difficulty eating vegetables. Practical, nutritious, healthy and definitely liked by children.

“While the Spicy Chicken Nugget will certainly spoil the appetite of spicy food lovers. This is certainly in accordance with current culinary trends where people are fond of spicy dishes, from the usual spicy to even super spicy. Spicy Chicken Nuget will definitely taste spicy, ”said Rewin.

“Hopefully this new variant of SunnyGold will be quickly accepted by the domestic market and of course it can also be in demand abroad,” concluded Rewin.

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