Malindo at A Glance

We always implement strict quality control process since the selection of raw materials to ensure only the highest quality products are produced.



Optimizing our potential to enhance the value for shareholders and other stakeholders.



To be leading poultry company in its chosen market segment.



The Company has formulated a set of values as the guideline for all Malindo’s people, consisting of:

Good Teamwork

The Company continues to develop the quality of teamwork in each division and integrated with other divisions so that all efforts are focused on achieving the goals of Company. We also maintain and improve the quality of harmonious industrial relations, so that all the elements work as one to achieve the best performance.



The Company realizes that integrity is the key to build a sustainable organization; therefore, the Company continues to encourage management and employees to conduct the Company’s activities under ethical standards and compliance with the law without prejudice to Company policies.


Customer Satisfaction

The Company strives to provide the best quality products by using high-quality standards and always maintain good relations with customers to better understand customer needs. The Company realized that customers are the most important partners for Company sustainability.



The Company is highly committed and encourages the
active role of all Company devices that make good teamwork, integrity and customer satisfaction as part of the Company’s culture, to achieve the Company’s business sustainability, which eventually will add values for the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.


Our range of products are continuously developed and refined for satisfaction.

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