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PT Bibit Indonesia Distributes Eggs for Flood Victims in Majalengka

PT Bibit Indonesia through its CSR program distributed 1500 eggs to flood victims in Majalengka Regency, West Java Province. As a livestock company, PT Bibit Indonesia, which has a chicken breeding business unit in Majalengka, handed over the egg aid on February 24, 2021 through the Department of Food Security, Agriculture and Fisheries (DKP3), Majalengka Regency. The eggs were then handed over to the Regent of Majalengka to be distributed to flood victims.


Head of DKP3 Iman Firmansyah said that the assistance would be distributed to 5 sub-districts, namely Jatitujuh, Kertajati, Ligung, Kadipaten, and Dawuan Districts. “This is PT Bibit Indonesia’s concern and commitment to Majalengka Regency,” he said.  

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