In order to support the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture’s triple export program, PT Malindo Food Delight continues to explore various countries to be able to enter into trade agreements for Malindo processed food products such as SunnyGold and Ciki Wiki.

One country that has the potential to export is the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This is realized by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PT Malindo Food Delight and LULU International for the export of processed food to the United Arab Emirates in 2022, which is worth USD 100,000. Lulu is one of the big hypermarkets that has many networks in various countries in the world which is headquartered in the UAE.

This MoU was signed in a series of One Day with Indonesian Coffee, Fruit, Flower, Floriculture, Livestock and Veterinary Products 2021 (ODICOFF 2021) activities organized by the Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health, Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture in Dubai, UAE (30/11).

Indonesian Ambassador to the UAE, Husin Bagis when visiting Odicoff said that Indonesian products have the potential to enter the UAE as long as they are competitive. By going through this Odicoff, it will be more convincing for importers and they have complete information about products from Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Director of PT Malindo Food Delight, Rewin Hanrahan said that the signing of the MOU LULU with PT Malindo Food Delight would further prove to the international world that Indonesian livestock products can be accepted by overseas markets, even in big countries like the UAE, after previously Malindo had also succeeded. exports to Japan in 2020

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