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Malaysian citizen, served as the Company’s President Commissioner since 27 June 2018, based on the AGMS 2017. in addition, he also serves as Director in CN Lau & Sons Sdn Bhd, Emerging Success Pte. Ltd, Lee Say Sugar Factory Pte. Ltd., dan Raffles Star Pte. Ltd., and as Executive Chairman in Leong Hup International.


Prior to serve as the Company’s President Commissioner, he was the Company’s President Director. Previously, he also served as Director of Marketing and Operations for Chicken A1 Foods Corporation (1986-2002), Ayam A1 Chicken Sdn Bhd (1996-2002) and Leong Hup Contract Farming Sdn Bhd (1993-2002). Other former positions were Directors in some companies such as: Aispuri Sdn Bhd (1997-2002), Ayam A1 Chicken Shop Sdn Bhd (1996-2002), Ayam A1 Food Corporation Sdn Bhd (1986-2002), Ayam A1 Food Processing Sdn Bhd (1996-2002), BC Confectionary Sdn Bhd (2001-2002), Emivest Bhd (2001-2002), F.E. Venture Sdn Bhd (1994-2002), Kylen Enterprise Sdn Bhd (1999-2002), Leong Hup Broiler Farm Sdn Bhd (1995-2002), and Leong Hup Management Sdn Bhd (1987-2004).


Lau Chia Nguang received awards of The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award 2013 and 2015 from Enterprise Asia

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